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If you have a favorite picture of your cat, you can easily add it to the Cat Delights "Fabulous Felines" Slideshow simply by utilizing our convenient online form below, or if you prefer, by attaching the photo to a regular email. The only criteria is that the photo needs to be at least 600 pixels high or wide to fit in the space for the slideshow (a photo from a digital camera will be bigger than that, which is perfect), and it cannot be larger than 3 megabytes. After we receive the picture, we'll add it to the queue for inclusion at Cat Delights!

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When you click the "Send Now" button, it will upload your cat photo to Cat Delights (depending on the size of the file, it may take a minute before you'll get the "Success" page)...

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Send the picture to the address below; include your cat's name in the message; and in the subject line, put something like "My Cat Photo"...



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