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Cat warns about fire Cat alerts family as ash triggers house fire

A cat jumping on the bed of an Invercargill man may have saved his family's life when a fire destroyed part of their Maitland St home yesterday. George Clarke said he woke when the family cat jumped on his bed about 3am, before smelling smoke...

Read the Full Story at:  [The Nelson Mail]

Cat Mayor Morris The Cat Running For Mayor of Xalapa, Mexico

Two students in the Xalapa, Mexico were frustrated by a seemingly endless stream of politicians lying and failing to fulfill campaign promises. In protest, they nominated a black-and-white cat named Morris to run for mayor. Election Day is July...

Read the Full Story at:  [Geekosystem]

Cat in Flood Alberta cat, owner in dramatic flood photo

There has been an outpouring of concern on social media for Momo the cat and her owner Kevan Yeats since the two were photographed Thursday by The Canadian Press swimming to safety as Yeats's pickup truck was swept downstream...

Read the Full Story at:  [CTV News]

Cat Hitchhiking Cheeky cat hitchhikes in empty coach

An anxious coach driver thought he was losing his marbles after an unexpected traveller stowed away on his bus for a ride to London. The thrill-seeking passenger turned out to be a heavily pregnant stray cat that was about to give birth...

Read the Full Story at:  [Local Guardian]

Cat Enthusiasts Cat enthusiasts gather for annual show

Taylor, a 2-year-old Ragdoll cat, sat on a pedestal as judge Murlene Priest looked him over at the KC Midwest Cat Club Show on Saturday. Ninety-seven cats and their owners congregated at the Douglas County Fairgrounds on Saturday for the first day of competition...

Read the Full Story at:  [L J World]

Cat Secrets The secret life of cats

New show follows 50 cats using GPS. Ever wondered what your moggy gets up to after he steps through the cat flap? Now you can find out thanks to a ground-breaking new documentary, which uncovers the secret life of cats...

Read the Full Story at:  [The Sun UK]

Cat Circus Circus family reopens Moscow's world-famous cat theater

Up on a brightly lit Moscow stage a clown loudly welcomes the stars of today's show ~ 20 highly trained cats. Packing out the auditorium with excited children and adults, the feline performers are the main attraction...

Read the Full Story at:  [Daily Star]

Cat Reunited Woman reunited with cat 13 years after it went missing

When Jackie Sharp lost her cat Dallas in 2000, she had resigned herself to the fact that she would never see him again. Her cute cat had been with her through good times and bad as she lived in Petaluma. At the age of 3, Dallas disappeared into a creek near her home...

Read the Full Story at:  [Daily Mail]

Boy Scout Saves Cat Adopt-A-Cat Month: American Humane Association

Cats don't have much a chance of making it out of animal shelters, which is why the American Humane Association created Adopt-A-Cat Month several years ago...

Read the Full Story at:  [Chicago Now]

Boy Scout Saves Cat Boy Scout Saves Elderly Cat Trapped in Oklahoma Tornado Rubble for Six Days

Thanks to a sharp-thinking Boy Scout, an elderly cat was rescued from the rubble of last week’s horrific Oklahoma tornado after it was trapped for six days...

Read the Full Story at:  [Daily Mail]

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